Question MarkWho should attend the Digital Marketing Workshop?

  • Marketing communications, advertising agency, and media executives
  • Agency, media, and marketing department employees
  • Small/medium business owners and staff
  • Freelancers, contractors, and independents
  • Anyone interested in better understanding new media and effectiveness

At what level of knowledge and experience is this aimed?
We aim to organize the attendance in each workshop by level of familiarity with the topic of digital/new media so novices aren’t overwhelmed and experienced folk aren’t bored. All levels are welcome and will receive individual mentoring and attention as the class sizes are kept below 50.

What’s the difference between this “Digital Marketing” workshop and all the others that flood my inbox?
Most of the seminars, webinars, and workshops you see are scripted speeches conducted by groups selling products/services or individuals promoting their books. What they talk about is either very high-level or singularly focused on a very narrow, tactical topic like mobile marketing or SEO. Heresy Digital Marketing Workshops are the result of decades of hands-on experience conceiving and crafting successful marketing campaigns for category leaders across many industries.

Our conductor takes your questions and topics in advance of the event and fits them into a structured story, supported by Q&A, and relevant exercises that show you the most effective ways to address your practical issues. He evaluates your work, recommends an approach, and then shows you how he has dealt with similar situations in the past.

BooksThis class aims to take your valuable traditional skills and help you see how they absolutely apply across the digital environment, so you can translate them into effective results for your clients. You also leave with a tool kit of functional documentation and templates built from the best-in-class processes in the industry.

Are there group discounts?
Yes, there are for groups of three or more. Please contact bookings@heresy.me for more information.

Do you conduct workshops in companies?
Yes, we can make special arrangements to fly to your city and hold workshops within your organization or agency – and they can be highly customized based on the areas of new media marketing that you feel your team needs the most help with. Contact bookings@heresy.me.

Will my company reimburse the attendance fee?
Many groups have benefits that include paying for skills training related to your profession. Check with your supervisor or HR to find out the criteria for your company.

Will I receive a certificate?
Yes, you will receive a Heresy Certificate of Completion to impress your friends and clients, scare your enemies, and help you obtain reimbursement of the attendance fee from your job.

What exactly is included in this “tool kit” on the USB flash drive?
In addition to getting a very nice thumb drive, you will receive best-in-class process documents and templates that have been culled from some of the most successful digital ad agencies in the world. They include:
• A rate card by discipline and deliverable 
(avg amount of time they should take)
• A recommended “integrated” structure for creative, accounts, planning, project management, traffic
• Project briefs
• Process documentation
• Job titles and descriptions

Why should I care about anything in the tool kit?
The very first thing our conductor is asked to do when he consults with or joins a large agency/company is to evaluate the existing process and documentation and then reengineer all of it to be more effective, efficient, streamlined, and sensible. The tool kit delivers you the foundation of all of that, which can be relatively easily customized for your environment and needs. It gives you a huge head start with material that has been proven to be excellent.

Will you be coming back to my city if I miss it this time?
There are a lot of cities on our tour and we will be expanding internationally soon, as well as adding more appropriate conductors, but the odds are low that we will be able to circle around to the same city within a reasonable period of time. However, contact bookings@heresy.me if you’d like to make a special request and we will definitely consider it.